How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

Don’t wait until an emergency roofing repair is required before choosing a roofer. When your roof starts to leak and you need somebody right away to fix it today or tomorrow, you’ll just have to hope for the best. Get yourself established with a reputable roofing company by using it for inspections. This way, should an emergency ever occur, you’ll have the number at hand and won’t have to worry about getting overcharged by a less experienced company.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right roofer so that you know that the job will be well done and you’ll be receiving the best value for your money.

Does the Company Have Insurance?

Don’t play around with companies that don’t carry insurance. If anything should happen to the roofer while he is on your property, you could very well be held liable. Confirm that the company carries liability insurance and provides workers compensation to its employees. If you find a company that doesn’t have insurance, don’t take a chance. It’s not worth it.

Reasonable Prices

Look for a company that offers reasonable prices but keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest price. Get 3 estimates and then make a decision. The rule of thumb that you should go by is that a cheap quote will often result in an insufficient job being done while a quote that’s too high indicates that the company is charging more than necessary. Look for a middle-of-the-road quote when examining roofing companies.

Choose a Local Roofing Contractor

Choose a roofing business that works in your local area. It will have had the chance to build up a reputation within your city or town. You’ll have a lot less problems dealing with local contractors than with ones that are outside the city limits. You’ll also be contributing to your community and keeping your hard earned money close to home.

A Knock at Your Door

If you receive a knock at your door telling you that a roofing company is working nearby and that there is a problem noticed in your roof, be very, very careful. This is just selling and canvassing and sometimes it is being done by unscrupulous characters. The person may take a cheque or cash from you as a down payment for the job and then disappear into never-never land.

A Proper Estimate

A legitimate roofing company will provide you with all of the job details written on a paper with a company letterhead on it. It will outline everything that needs to be done on your roof in clear terms. You’ll be able to see how much the labor will cost along with the materials. While a firm handshake used to be good enough in the past, a written contract is required nowadays before the job should go ahead.



A reputable and reliable roofing company will stay in good communication with its clients. If you have any questions at all you should receive a call back within a reasonable amount of time from a company representative. Look for a business that has good communication skills.

A Solid Reputation

An established roofing company will have built up a solid reputation within the community and will be able to supply at least 3 references upon request. Don’t be afraid to ask for these references either – it is your chance to check out the roofing company and find out if they are really as good as they claim to be.

Talk to the Owner

You’re going to be investing a lot of money into your new roof so don’t be afraid to ask to talk to the owner of the company before putting pen to paper to sign a contract. The owner should be approachable and be able to tell you about the company in an honest and straightforward manner. Any company is as good as the owner makes it and if the person in charge of the business doesn’t have time for you, it’s a direct reflection of what you can expect in terms of your roofing job.

Make sure that you check out all of the credentials of a roofing company before going ahead with one. You’re going to be spending a lot of money on your roof so you’ll want to be absolutely sure that you’re dealing with a straight-up company that will do a good job at a reasonable price in a timely fashion.

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